More Tax for Internet usage from Ncell



One of the leading telecommunication company i.e Ncell owned by Axiata group has informed that there will an increase in the services provided by the company. These following changes are happening because of the government new rules and policies by the government.  The following Taxes will be  taken by the Ncell company :

Internet Service: 13 %

Other Services: 2%

These following tax will be implemented from Shrawan 1. With this sudden increase in the price of the services provided by the company, there will be a hike in the price of the services of the telecommunication. As a result, the customer won’t be satisfied with these decisions because the normal people cannot afford the usage of the internet services.

This is not something new to this world. even other countries are implemented the same thing because they don’t want their citizens or youth to waste their time on social networking site and gets busy in the carrier and country development work. In some sense, it sounds good. So what do you think about this new rule by the government and the Ncell group.

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